So Long For Awhile (’til Oct. 14th)



yogi-10-14-62.jpgyogi-10-21-62.jpgyogi-10-28-62.jpg¬†We won’t be around for a couple of weeks, so to tide you over, we risk enraging Yowp by posting the Oct. 1962 Yogi Sundays a little early. I’ve included a scan of the original art for the Oct. 7th episode, drawn by Harvey Eisenberg. It’s a bit choppy, because the original was so huge that I could only scan it in little pieces, then assemble it like a puzzle. Harvey did the art for the entire month’s worth of strips.

myrtle-4-21-to-4-26-47.jpg¬†Myrtle, from 4-21-47 to 4-26-47, I like Sampson kicking the radio in the 4-21 and all the references to neighbor Smaltz in the 4-25 and 4-26 strips. The little bird characters that Fisher drew so well make some appearances too. We’ll see you anon, I’ll be painting up the coast with my wife for awhile. ‘Til then, browse the archives and copy your favorite strips.

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