Some More for you Ailurophiles out there


Okay folks, here’s the strips from 8-19 to 8-25-1938. In 8-23, Herriman uses a gag and concept that he went back to several times: Krazy feels naked without the neck ribbon! Also the ringing brick storyline from last weeks concludes and a new one starts with K and I standing behind a wall. 8-22 is kind of obscure, looks like Joe Stork scared himself away! Looks like he can dish (the kids) out, but he can’t take ’em! It’s been a quiet week, animated about another two feet of Sc. 24, didn’t do any plein air painting, sob! Thanks to Milton Knight, I got to see a Gene Deitch “Samson Scrap” cartoon. It’s called “Old Tin-Sides” from 1962. (See stills at top.)┬áIt is a sequel to the first in the series called “Samson Scrap”, released as a Paramount Modern Madcap in 1962. “Old Tin-Sides” makes fun of the U.S. military, in a “Munro-esque” fashion. Samson sounds and acts a lot like Clint Clobber, Dayton Allen did Samson’s voice. In 1962, I saw the original Samson Scrap cartoon in a movie theater in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Our family car broke down there after a trip to California! My mother, my brother and I were stuck there for more than a week, while Dad went in search of parts for the car (there were none to be had in Steamboat Springs). Samson made a big impression on me, as I loved Tom Terrific, and recognized Gene Deitch’s credit. Were there any “Sampson Scrap” comic books? Make sure you see the “Stripper’s Guide” blog for the Herriman editorial cartoons from 1906!

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