Some Other Cat was Enjoyed by the N.Y. Film Festival Audience!

Here’s a very positive review by Anne-Katrin Titze:

It’s The Cat, and Some Other Cat

Mark Kausler's It's The Cat

Mark Kausler’s It’s The Cat

One of the last hand-drawn animated cartoons, Mark Kausler and Greg Ford’s It’s The Cat from 2004 is set to the tune of It’s The Cat by Gus Kahn and Isham Jones. The slightly unhinged protagonist cat goes for a stroll, makes a wooden plank carousel on a dog’s head and flies off, taking a bite out of the moon. Can a cat exchange faces with the moon? Why not! When three blind mice dance by with their canes, you might remember for a second why you started loving movies in the first place.Some Other Cat, the more recent sequel from 2012, kisses the photo of his beloved, picks up some cacti in the desert and off he goes to Pearly’s house to pay her a visit, but – oh, no – there is someone else with her! If these cats and their tempo don’t lift your spirits to the sun and the moon, nothing will.

Greg Ford, who attended the screening was slightly puzzled at the placement of his films together with The Chase. Festival chair Kent Jones told me in our conversation before the festival that he didn’t want the cats to get lost in the short film programme, “it seemed like a good place to do it, because The Chase is kind of a crazy film”.

   Some Other Cat played at the Santa Fe International Film Festival last week, I hope the people enjoyed it and got some laughs. I couldn’t be there, had some priority commitments. I thought of Itza’s cartoon showing in that little theater in Santa Fe, it’s an ideal place for a cartoon set in the SouthWest to play.

krazy-kat-1-18-to-1-24-42.jpg Here’s Krazy from 1-19 to 1-24-1942. It’s all about Offissa Pupp’s new police car. The garage is featured all week, but we only see the car in the Saturday episode. Some of Garge’s masterful scratching technique is apparent in the 1-21 and 1-22 strips, as Pupp’s car zips in and out of the garage. The originals were probably torn to shreds!

myrtle-10-13-to-10-19-47.jpg It’s a full week of Myrtle, from 10-13 to 10-19, with the Sunday page! Dudley Fisher was most famous for his “Right Around Home” Sundays, with their panoramic approach to comics layout. I really like the dailies, too, because they bring the characters of the strip to center stage. I especially like the 10-17, with Myrtle and Sampson coming under the withering criticism of the townsfolk for the way they pull each other in their Radio Flyer, until they decide to just take the dogs for a ride. The 10-18 draws upon Myrtle’s superior strength as Sampson and a friend call upon her to blow up their football.

felix-1-8-to-1-14-34.jpg Felix is from 1-8 to 1-14-1934 this time. The action is similar to his troubles with Moocher Mouse, as he battles a whole gang of mice around the Christmas Tree.  Felix comes off second best to the little rats every time. I love the kiddee phonograph gag in the 1-12, since I had a couple of miniature phonographs when I was a kid that I played for about 5 hours a day. The Sunday page starts a long continuity, as Felix takes off in a balloon basket to hunt geese. The Funny Films topper features great drawings of not only Felix’s face, but Sammy Johnsin from the Billy Marriner strip makes a guest appearance as well!


yogi-11-10-63.jpgyogi-11-17-63.jpgyogi-11-24-63.jpg The Yogi Bear Sundays from November, 1963 as drawn by Harvey Eisenberg grace our blog this time. If you want to see the full length strips in black and white, make sure you keep in touch with Yowp’s blog at , he’ll have them up very soon. The 11-24 Yogi was nearly lost in the collection, but I found it on the back of a Pogo page I clipped back in the day. The 11-3 is a real Kennedy era space ship gag, the 11-10 still uses the military style rankings of the forest Rangers as a basis for the gag and the 11-17 has a cast of hundreds, all fat folks as Mr. Eisenberg saw them; the last panel must have taken quite a while to draw.

Sorry I’ve been absent from the Catblog for such a long time, life is very full, lots to do, and unfortunately, the Catblog pays not a penny for the time I spend on it, which is not a lot. Not that I’m complaining, just keep an eye on Yowp’s blog (I use Yowp’s links nearly everyday to check on great animation and comics sites) or your RSS reader for our next episode!

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