Soothing Post-Um


Not much new around here, just recovering from spring colds and doing a ton of yard work, cutting grass, trimming bushes and Chinese elm trees. Our rain has produced an abundance of greenery and pollen! In Felix this time, from 10/12 to 10/18/1936, Felix continues his detective work in support of Tanglefoot, his erstwhile master. Seems there are a lot of clocks gone missing in town, and Felix has a theory about what happened to them. In the Sunday, Felix and “Whitey” square things with the washing machine salesman from last time. Now, Mr. DUD is turning against poor Felix, continued soon.


Krazy from 4/1 to 4/6/1940, the Kat tries to figure out which way the wind blows, solve the mystery of a Banshee wail, and listens to a mash note that Offissa Pupp records on a home cylinder machine. Of course the “L’il Ainjil” gets all the credit!


Patrick (1/3 to 1/7/1966), the neighborhood kids are getting more regular roles in the strip, Godfrey is featured three times in one week (offstage in the 1/6), and Elsa reappears, in the 1/5, obviously having failed to teach Patrick etiquette. Patrick’s addiction to “sody pop”, reminds me of my addiction to “Cocoa Marsh” when I was that age. I used to sneak downstairs to my Mother’s kitchen and swipe tablespoonfuls of the super sweet chocolate syrup right from the pump dispenser jar! I can’t remember now if she ever noticed the syrup level getting lower or not. I wonder if they still make that stuff; there was a circus lion on the label. Oh, sweet cocoa nostalgia!

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