Soup’s On?

soups-on.jpg Cathy thought that this was a very funny cat photograph.  His name is Tucker, and we love his look of anticipation and the subtle touch of the fork and napkin on the left side. The little fish name tag seems to suggest what this kitty wants for dinner!

felix-1-22-to-1-28-33.jpg Felix is from 1-22 to 1-28-1933 this time. The Sunday page features Felix making a Northwest hero out of himself as he dons a borrowed pair of shoes, then accidentally lures a lot of game animals to the hunter’s cabin. In the dailies, Felix is still trying to quell the romance between Danny Dooit and little Doris. I like the cheap Scotty dog joke in the 1-27.

myrtle-10-25-to-10-31-48.jpg Myrtle is from 10-25 to 10-31-1948. I like the 10-25 as Myrtle squirts Sampson with her father’s fountain pen and quips that she’s “writing off a few debts”! Dudley Fisher’s poses are beautiful in the 10-30 as Susie hugs Freddie for bringing her flowers, she’s leaning so far over that she’s nearly off-balance. The Sunday page is a Halloween special, the little ghost that appears to Slug in the right hand panel, and Hyacinth the cat looking into the apple tub are nice touches.

krazy-kat-2-1-to-2-6-43.jpg Krazy is from 2-1 to 2-6-1943 this time, War time. Ignatz combats the blackouts by painting Offissa Pupp’s buttons and star with phosphorous paint, Ignatz faints dead away over “synthetic” coffee (probably Postum) and Joe Stork delivers a “bindle” to Offissa Pupp by mistake due to the blackouts. Mrs. Kwakk-Wakk thinks that Pupp is kidnapping an infant! In Coconino County, the World War Two restrictions, rationing and blackouts are the stuff of Komedy.

2 Responses to “Soup’s On?”

  1. Dale Chen says:

    Dear Mark:

    How are you?

    This is Dale Chen from Gold Valley Films, Inc. C.A. branch. I’m the associate producer of the studio. We have several undergoing 3D animation movie projects that needs Writers for the Feature Animation Script. We admires your experience at Disney and we are looking forward to have the support from you.

    We been 4 years of experience on making animation films and being successful in the market. We also have the production base on China and office in Hong Kong. And We’d love to have the aid from you to make greater things happen.

    The market of animation movie in China is growing fast. We need an experienced writer to help us with the Hollywood vision. If you are interested in this new job. We can communicate by Email or have a meet in Hollywood.

    We are open for any questions about the company.
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    Kindly let me know your thoughts, and we hope to hear back from you soon!


  2. Mark says:

    Thanks for your message, Dale,
    I’m retired from animation now, and don’t want to re-enter the work force. I really don’t much care for writing animated features, I enjoyed animating at Disney, but story, not so much. Please don’t be offended, but I really don’t care for Maya based “animation”. I like animated CARTOONS, drawings that come to life. To me, Maya animation looks like a lot of dolls moving around, a look I just can’t warm up to. I wish you good luck with marketing your movies.
    Best regards, Mark Kausler

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