Stripz Again

barker-bill-7-25-55.jpgbarker-bill-7-26-55.jpgbarker-bill-7-28-55.jpgbarker-bill-8-1-55.jpgbarker-bill-8-2-55.jpgbarker-bill-8-3-55.jpgbarker-bill-8-4-55.jpg Back to the strips, yet again! Here are the next two weeks worth of Barker Bills, 7-25 to 8-4-1955. According to Allan Holtz’s new book on American Comic Strips, there is no ending date for the feature except sometime in 1955. We still have a few more to post. Spot gags continue, featuring Phyllis the strong lady, Little May, Peanuts Perkins, the India Rubber Man and all your favorites!

felix-9-2-35.jpgfelix-9-3-35.jpgfelix-9-4-35.jpgfelix-9-5-35.jpgfelix-9-6-35.jpgfelix-9-7-35.jpgfelix-9-8-35.jpg Felix keeps on walking, from 9-2 to 9-8-1935. Felix and Danny are trapped undergound in the Ancient City all week, and have a surprise encounter with a ground mole in the 9-5. Felix’s adventures in Dreamland finally come to an end in the 9-8 Sunday page. A hobo sets fire to him and wakes Felix from a nightmare. It seems he was going to be ignited in the tobacco for the Giant’s pipe. This is almost the exact situation that Mickey Mouse encountered in “Giantland” Nov. 25th, 1933.

krazy_vintage7-14-41.gifkrazy_vintage7-15-41.gifkrazy_vintage7-16-41.gifkrazy_vintage7-17-41.gifkrazy_vintage7-18-41.gifkrazy_vintage7-19-41.gif Here’s the Kat from 7-14 to 7-19-1941, the theme is “On Vacation”. At first Krazy is singing and pining away, then he decides to visit a “Heppy Lend Fur Fur Away” and takes Ignatz with him, at the suggestion of Mrs. Kwakk-Wakk. Offissa Pupp follows in the 7-19 with his portable jail. The 7-18 strip has some juicy architecture in it, Herriman style. I love Mrs. Kwakk-Wakk apparently walking right THROUGH a wall in the last panel, leaving an amazed Pupp on the other side.


jr-times-11-7-26-morehouse.jpgjr-times-11-14-26-de-lara-photo.jpgjr-times-11-14-26-hezy-tate-by-de-lara.jpgjr-times-11-28-26-hezy-tate-by-de-lara.jpgjr-times-11-21-26-pearl-handle-by-de-lara.jpgjr-times-11-14-26-fido-bark-by-wick.jpgjr-times-11-21-26-tipper-drawing.jpgjr-times-11-28-26-average-home-by-tipper.jpgjr-times-11-21-26-henry-formhals-drawing.jpgjr-times-11-28-26-snickle-bros-by-redensky.jpg From the L.A. Junior Times in November, 1926 we present a cross-section of strips and artwork from the soon-to-be-greats. A cover and a Fido Bark strip by Bob Wickersham, a strip by Fred Moore, three “Dunk Danks” and a drawing by Izzy Ellis, three “Lucky Lem” strips and two drawings by Bill Zaboly,  “Macy and Hank” by Lee Morehouse (future Donald Duck animator), two “Hezy Tates” and a “Pearl Handle” drawn by Phil De Lara, together with a photograph of him, an “Average Home” strip and a drawing by Frank Tipper, a Thanksgiving cover by Henry Formhals, who later in the 1930s was a key assistant to Merrill Blosser who did “Freckles and His Friends”. Formhals also took over the art on “Joe Jinks” in the 1930s.  We also have an episode of the “Snickle Bros.” by Morris Redensky. He later shortened his name to Morey Reden and animated and drew comic books in New York and Los Angeles, working for Disney (Pluto’s Playmate, Canine Caddy),Famous (Pop-Pie A La Mode, Lulu’s Birthday Party), Screen Gems (The Schooner the Better, Pickled Puss) and other cartoon studios, ending with “The Grinch Grinches the Cat In The Hat” for Marvel Prods.

myrtle-3-31-to-4-5-47.jpg Here is Myrtle from 3-31 to 4-5-1947. I like Papa dressing up like a girl in the 3-31 and then getting a kiss from the milkman. That’s a great pose in the last panel as Papa contorts himself at the kitchen sink to wash his mouth out. I also like the spelling word that Papa springs on Myrtle in the 4-5, Dudley Fisher had a good range of intelligence to his gags.

yogi-8-5.jpgyogi-8-12.jpgyogi-8-19.jpgyogi-8-26.jpg Here’s the August, 1962 Yogi Bear Sundays, all drawn by Harvey Eisenberg. I’ll bet that Yowp will like the all-star Hanna-Barbera cast on the teeter-totter in the 8-5. I like the intensity of Yogi’s bowling poses in the 8-26. Well, looks like I’ve beaten you to the dog dish this time, fella! Don’t you bare your teeth at me, be nice!

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  1. Reading the 4/5 Myrtle strip, I kinda want to see her dad meet Calvin’s dad.

  2. Felix says:

    Mark… this blog is great and continues to engage me. I usually visit every few months just so I can read the continuity in the strips. Keep up the good work!

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Felix,
    I’m glad you are enjoying the strip continuities! Much more to come after I finish an art job I’m on right now.
    Cheers, Mark

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