The Big Pitch (Pt. One)


Well, as promised here are some “keystoned” digital photos of two cel set-ups from “It’s ‘The Cat'” for sale. They are $100.00 apiece, matted, original hand-painted and inked cels with colorscan backgrounds. I will post more images of cel set-ups next week, please keep checking for more cel set-ups next week. Greg promises that he will post some on the site at that time. The color is much better than what I have been able to photograph. I have to hold the set-ups at an angle to the lens to avoid reflections. I would scan these, but the scanner isn’t big enough to accept these cels.

The KK strips this week are all pretty much gag-a-day. I love 12-1-1938; Ignatz being hung up to dry just struck me funny. 12-2 shows a rare comment on contemporary “swing” music from Garge, evidently he didn’t hold the music in high esteem. I am continuing to post “Lane Allen’s Diary”, even though it gets no comments. I just love the drawings! In a few episodes you will see the influence of Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” on the strip.

Cathy and I are continuing to paint on location. We were in Huntington Beach last Thursday, participating in the local Plein Air Festival.  We painted the pier and the Ruby’s restaurant at the end of it. There are some good painters entered, such as Michael Situ, Alfred Tse, Val Carson and more. The big opening festival is Friday Sept. 28th at the Huntington Beach Art Center. That costs $25.00 per head, food and wine provided. There will also be a free public viewing of the paintings on Saturday, Sept. 29th. We will all be painting outdoors near Main Street that day.  Come on down and meet Cathy and the other painters! The Art Center is at 538 Main Street in Huntington Beach, Ca. 92648. Their web site is We also went to the beautiful Crystal Cove State Park, where the famous cartoonist Roger Armstrong once lived. There are some ramshackle beach cottages there that almost beg to be painted. They were all once privately owned, but the state threw all the owners out. Now the state has control of the land and cottages and has some of them available for rent at a reasonable cost. It isn’t easy to get them, however, they book up in advance! Cathy and I were there on Sunday, Sept. 23rd, along with many members of the Oil Painters of America, such as Val Carson. Cathy did a beautiful beach scene, and I did mostly close-ups of the ruined and restored cottages. I think I was the only watercolorist there that day! There is a store nearby that sells some oils by such notables as Jason Situ, Ken Auster, Jeff Horn and many others. All these people are good painters and it is an honor to be around them.

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