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I did an interview and two commentaries today on Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 5, coming soon. You know, it’s interesting how much I still love the black and white Looney Tunes fifty-two years after I was first exposed to ‘THE DAFFY DOC’, the earliest one I can remember seeing. In St. Louis, Mo. where I was an infant, we had a TV program called “The Wranglers’ Club”, featuring a man named Harry Gibbs, otherwise known as “Texas Bruce”. He must have run that cartoon a hundred times. I was honored to do the commentary on THE DAFFY DOC today, as well as  LITTLE RED WALKING HOOD , and to talk about Mel Blanc, Bob McKimson, Hugh Harman, Rudy Ising, Art Davis, Irv Spence and many other hero cartoonists. Thanks to David Gerstein for helping me to decipher Daffy’s sign with the Hebrew/Yiddish lettering that he holds up in the operating room sequence of THE DAFFY DOC. In means “shah”, which is the word for “quiet”. Time for that mystery to be cleared up!

Here are the next four episodes of KK. 7-6 through 7-9-1938. I love that “Weezie”  cat in the 7-9. Looks like Krazy after an elephant stepped on his head. The schoolteacher is an interesting new character as well.  In 7-6, once again Garge reveals that Coconino is a stage with stage hands providing the audio just behind the backdrop (in this case, the fence). Again a hole in the wood plays a part, this time to let the words to “O, Solo Mio” seep through.

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