So, don’t just sit there, get down to the polls! Please take something to read with you, the lines could be long; maybe you can read this blog while you are waiting for a Diebolt if you have a Blackberry or Laptop. Above all, don’t kill any kittens. Please check your ballot carefully after voting, we’re trying not to let the Repub-bots steal another election.

This week’s comics are “Tippy Takes A Trip”, pages four and five from Coo-Coo comics #16, March 1945, art by Jim Tyer. Tippy comes to the star of his dreams, where the inhabitants want to trade candy for spinach and oatmeal. Marvelous Mike this week is from 11/12 to 11/17/1956 and concludes the “Relaxo” storyline and begins a new tale, “Madame Le Moult”. It looks like vaguely sinister “Cold War” types are moving in next door to the Crumps.  Krazy Kat is from 4/3 to 4/8/1939. The first three strips are about Krazy Kat kneading bread dough from every angle to avoid back strain, and the week concludes with Ignatz sprung from jail by door mice! Garge loved that pun. Speaking of puns, I’ll be “Barack” next week, remember to go to the polls and vote!

    Tues. Night, Thanks for not killing the kittens, fellow voters! I hope Barack Obama will be a great President!

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