Yeah, Baby


Here are the KKs from 8-26 to 9-1-1938. The finish of the wall sequence from last post and a new character: “Mr. Beaver”.  Mr. Beaver’s tail makes a good comic prop in 8-31 and 9-1, serving as both defense of Krazy’s bean and offense on Offisa Pupp’s noggin. There’s the “cobble rock” again in 9-1, note the beautiful shading in the last panel. I like Krazy’s “stend-in” in 8-30, is he a dog or a cat? I have been working on Sc. 24 most of this week, am almost ready for the first test of the scene. I will have another pass to add the effects once the characters are moving well. When I spend a long time animating a scene, this time months, I sometimes don’t want to see a test. I’m afraid that the scene in “real time” won’t live up to my expectations. If it doesn’t, there’s a lot more work to do until it does. At least full animation is relatively easy to shoot, it’s limited stuff that’s hard, with it’s muti-levels of seperate mouths, heads, arms, cycles, etc. It used to be quite a job of book-keeping doing limited TV stuff.  Flash animation looks about as complicated, level-wise, except now they call it “layers”.  Once again, no painting this week, maybe next if the Lord allows. Don’t miss Allen Holtz’s “Strippers Blog” for the 1906 Herriman political cartoons. In those days, all the guys dressed in black and looked like the villain in “The Drunkard”, at least that’s the way Garge drew ’em. The link to Allen’s page is on this blog.

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