Your Comics Page 1-22-2013

krazy-kat-9-8-to-9-13-41.jpg Your comics page comes to you loaded with Kats and Little Girls. Here is Krazy from 9-8 to 9-13-1941 deep in analyzing the difference between the Nott and Sott Poles. I love the last panel in the 9-8 as Krazy looks at the penguins grouped around the Sott Pole, upside down. Of course Ignatz thinks the Earth would be better off square shaped, so he makes his own version of the “globe” in the 9-11.


 Felix continues to hide the diamond from the sailors from 10-28 to 11-3-1935. A lucky sailor winds up with the diamond when Felix accidentally throws it at him in the 10-28, and it changes hands again in the 11-2. The Sunday page has Felix in a Cone of Silence, as the Chemist comes up with a device to block sounds from his vicinity. When Felix tries it out, he doesn’t hear oncoming traffic and gets socked by an auto.

myrtle-6-2-to-6-7-47.jpg Myrtle by Dudley Fisher comes to us from 6-2 to 6-7-1947. My favorite from this week is the 6-5. Myrtle realizes she is a character in a comic strip as she asks her Mom why she doesn’t age like “the kids in other comics”. The main reason she can’t get older is that her Mother would have to age, too! I also like the 6-4 as Bingo dons Freddie’s clothes by stealth and goes to Mac’s party in Fred’s stead. The 6-7 is really cartoony as Myrtle straps Sampson to the ground and plucks hairs out of his head like a daisy to find out whether he loves her or not. Myrtle sometimes seems to stand out from the world of her strip like a pixie, as she seems aware that she’s a comic strip character and keeps perching on the back of Freddie’s easy chair like she flew there.

     Well that’s a couple of big posts for this week, hope you enjoyed them. More of Duane’s letters next time.

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