Your Comics Page 2-23-2016

felix-12-24-to-12-30-and-12-31-24.jpg Felix is from 12-24 to 12-31-1934 this time. The 12-31 daily strip is displayed BEFORE the 12-30 Sunday page. The Sandusky Register did not publish on Christmas Day in 1934, so the Felix daily from that date is missing. If anyone can supply the missing daily, you’ll get a lifetime subscription to the Catblog. Felix is struggling mightily to keep his happy new home with the Dooits. He even makes himself into a footstool for Father Dooit in the 12-31. Felix seems to have crossed over into Bringing Up Father territory in the 12-30 Sunday, as he clobbers the Millionaire’s wife with a snowball, stopping her 0ff-key singing, much to the joy of Mr. Millionaire. If you want to continue reading Felix in date order, go to May 27, 2011 in the archives and click on the thumbnails. If you come back here next time, Felix will be skipping back in time to Jan. 1st, 1933. I’m curious where he was living then.

myrtle-9-27-to-10-3-48.jpg Myrtle is from 9-27 to 10-3-1948. The dailies tell a continuous story about Bingo talking “real human speech”. Of course, it’s just a gag that Sampson and Myrtle have cooked up, Sampson hides in the closet and talks, while Bingo stands in front of the closed closet door and mouths the words, in an attempt to fool Myrtle’s gullible family. I chuckled at the 10-2, as Bingo gives out with some naughty words. Look at the strip to find out why. Isn’t that lighting effect beautiful in the second panel of the Sunday page? Alas, Hyacinth isn’t with us this time.

krazy-1-4-to-1-9-43.jpg Krazy, from 1-4 to 1-9-1943 still reflects wartime conditions. This time it’s blackouts. Wardens would go around neighborhoods in the WW 2 days, making sure everyone turned their lights out or drew blackout curtains over the windows so that enemy planes would think there were no houses under them. In Coconino County, the citizenry seem to think that if they walk around with blindfolds on, they are sufficiently blacked-out and no enemy can see them. This all leads up to the 1-9, as Krazy points out that blackouts don’t apply to him as he can see in the “dokk”. I love the last panel as an unseen Kat converses with “Mr. Owl”, who has Ignatz with him. Mr. Owl explains to Krazy that he is Ignatz’s “ the dark”. There is a sinister undertone to this strip, as Owls feed on mice, and maybe Ignatz just escaped becoming owl chow, thanks to Krazy’s natural night vision goggles.

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