Your Comics Page 2-8-2013

krazy-9-15-to-9-20-41.jpg Hey Hey, here’s your comics page, infrequently but sincerely submitted with two kats, a little girl and a bear as your stars. Up first are the Krazys from 9-15 to 9-20-1941. The 9-15 and 9-16 eps. feature Ignatz crawling through a pipe to escape Offissa Pupp, which the mice pulls off quite neatly. In the 9-17 through 9-20 installments, Ignatz mostly hides in boxes of various sizes and shapes until Pupp and Kat figure out how to dig a hole in the ground underneath a box lid. Herriman can ring changes on the most ordinary of props for days and keep us entertained.

felix-11-4-to-11-10-35.jpg Felix continues to search for Danny’s diamond on board ship this time, from 11-4 to 11-10-1935. The sailor who now has the diamond hides it in his tobacco tin, then manages to hi-jack every one of his shipmates’ pipes and toss them overboard. His scheme is to remove the implements of smoking, so that no sailor will ask for a pinch of his tobacco. In spite of all this finagling, the diamond winds up in the soup (Chinese soup, that is). In the Sunday, Bobby Dazzler and Chip lament the lack of “Funnies”, as Dad reads the New York Times (without comics). Felix helps a hen-pecked husband with the Professor’s Noise Silencer, but gets clobbered by the baby in the last panel.

myrtle-6-9-to-6-14-47.jpg Myrtle from 6-9 to 6-14-1947 has quite a few gems among the straw. I like the 6-9 as Mr. Smaltz the grocer is left to freeze to death, locked in his cooler as Myrtle’s friend Gussie pretends to be a ventriloquist imitating Smaltz’s voice asking for help! I like Myrtle’s embarrassed reaction in the last panel of the 6-12 as her Mom catches her with her hands in the cookie jar, and of course, I’m a puss-over for cat jokes as Hyacinth the cat is taken home by Myrtle in a sack with only her four legs exposed in the 6-14. It’s nice to see that Mr. Smaltz didn’t freeze to death after all.

yogi-2-3-63.jpgyogi-2-10-63.jpgyogi-2-24-63.jpgOnce again Yowp has awakened me from a long winter’s nap to force another load of Yogi Sunday pages upon you. These are all from February, 1963. The 2-3 is the only half-page edition this time, I have the 2-10 and 2-24 strips in third page. I’m missing the 2-17. However, YOU know where to find the missing strip and see the half page versions of the Yogi Bear strip in beautiful black and white, don’t you? Just go to the right of the page and click on YOWP in the blogroll. You’ll find the pages and the dog’s comments along with them. He attributes the design of the kid characters in the above strips to Gene Hazelton. I vote for Harvey Eisenberg as the main artist on these. He also designed the “Yogi Bear” logo on the 2-3. The 2-3 is a bit brittle on the top, I had to piece it together for the scan. It’s not in too bad a shape, however for a piece of newsprint 50 years old this month! I should be back soon with a few more letters from Duane Crowther!

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  1. joe c says:

    The icilies on Dudley Fisher’s signature in the last panel are a cute touch. And if they only knew what bathing suits would soon look like…

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