Your Comics Page 4-3-2013

krazy-10-6-to-10-11-41.jpg In Krazy this time, 10-6 to 10-11-1941, Garge trots out one of his favorite vehicles, the “Door-Mice”. He got a lot of mileage out of that basic pun, “Dormouse” and “Door-Mice”, and here he spins more gold out of that straw, to mix a metaphor. There is a visit from a Herriman rattle snake, then Krazy and Ignatz trade nonsequiters about a pair of Tom-Tom drums. Ignatz’s comment on Krazy in the 10-11 is so iconic: “His craziness is practically permanent”. 

felix-11-25-to-12-1-35.jpg It’s “Felix Pathetique” this time, as Felix strikes out in both the daily continuity and Sunday page, from 11-15 to 12-1-1935. Felix is very nearly reunited with the precious diamond aboard the ape’s ship in the 11-17, but loses it again and isn’t even allowed to come ashore in the 11-30, because the Captain won’t pay duty on Felix. In the Sunday page, Felix tries to rescue the professor’s mind-reading formula from a burglar, but only succeeds in attracting the metal box it was stored in with a giant magnet. We’ll see if Felix redeems himself next time.

myrtle-6-30-to-7-5-47.jpg In Myrtle, from 6-30 to 7-5-1947, Myrtle is proud of her rear shape in the 6-30, Bingo steals her clothes while she is bathing in the 7-2, Freddie is punished for saying “Ain’t”, when he has actually used much sharper language in the 7-4, and Susie buys a rather “fem” shirt for Freddie, knowing full well that she will wind up with it in the 7-5.

yogi-4-7-63.jpgyogi-4-14-63.jpgyogi-4-21-63.jpgyogi-4-28-63.jpg Beautiful art by Harvey Eisenberg on this month’s Yogi Sunday pages, from April, 1963. Just click the thumbnails to blow them up. The 4-14 has a funny twist, with Cupid shooting Boo-Boo instead of Yogi. Boob winds up with Cindy Bear! In the 4-21, check out what life was like before Xerox photocopiers were commonplace, as Mister Ranger dreams that Yogi falls into his duplicating machine, mimeograph no doubt! In the 4-28, Mister Ranger does a real “Tom and Jerry” take, as he pulls out the entire electrical wiring system from his cabin! Check out Yogi’s understated pose in the same panel, nice acting from the animated/comic strip bear.  Check the link to Yowp’s page in the Blogroll list, he will probably be posting the half-page versions of these strips very soon. I’m having fun posting these comic pages, I’ll do another Junior Times, one of these days. C ya.

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  1. Daryl Boman says:

    I’m having fun reading the Krazy Kat’s!
    Thank you!

  2. Mark says:

    So glad you like them Daryl! I shall endeavor to continue,
    You’re Welcome, Mark

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