Your Comics Page 7-8-2014

scout-on-the-bed.jpg Scout welcomes you into the inner sanctum of her Comics Room for a new batch of old stuff!

krazy-kat-5-25-to-5-30-42.jpgKK is from 5-25 to 5-30-1942 this time. You’ll note that all the gags except the 5-30 are potted plant jokes. Sort of Organic Krazy. The Kat Langwidge in the 5-27 stumped me for a bit, but I figured it out: “A Wiolet, same size as it were less wigg..” , that’s “last week” in the Kat tongue. The 5-25 was derived from the San Antonio Light of the same date, so much for the completeness of the King Features Archives.

myrtle-2-16-to-2-22-48.jpgMyrtle is from 2-16 to 2-22-1948 this time out. There are a lot of animal gags this time, featuring Hyacinth the cat, Junior the dog and Ebuceci the exotic Alaskan dog. Being that this is the Catblog, pay special attention to the 2-17, as Myrtle begs Hyacinth to catch just “One Little Mouse”, to cover her cookie thievery. We also have the Sunday page from 2-22, with Dudley Fisher’s patented downshot type layouts. These should be Uncle George’s favorite strips (that’s really an inside joke)!

felix-5-14-to-5-20-34.jpgFelix’s luck runs hot and cold as usual in the strips from 5-14 to 5-20-1934. Felix escapes the gas chamber at the Dog Pound, and gets back in the good graces of the Dooit family. It seems that the bulldogs he freed from the Pound were the property of a wealthy dog breeder and he rewards Mr. Dooit with a big check for Felix’s brave deed. However, Mr. Dooit decides to take the family to Europe with Felix’s check, and boxes Felix up to send him to Uncle Olaf for safe keeping. We’ll see what kind of cat care Felix gets from Olaf next time. In the Sunday, Felix gets into a chase with a fierce sled dog in Antarctica and gets a prop plane flying by mixing it up in the propeller with the aggravated canine. The pilots at last make Felix their mascot. I wonder how long will Felix’s good fortune last in the frozen wastes?

CU Soon!

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