Your Comics Page 9-30-2014

catblog-arsage.jpg Last day of the month, and I haven’t posted in quite a while. Since this is the Catblog, here’s a little pen sketch I made from a cat calendar. I love to sketch cat faces, and Arsage has such beautiful eyes, and I like how she’s threaded her body through the rungs of the chair she’s sitting in. Of course working from life would be even more fun, but you work with the models you have on hand.

felix-6-18-to-6-24-34.jpg Felix this time from 6-18 to 6-24-1934, continues to search for the stolen money that the scarecrow bandit left on the Yiminy farm. The week is spent on farm and animal gags until Henrietta scratches up the loot in her hen pen. The Sunday continues the saga of Felix in Antarctica. He spoils the explorers’s photograph of the South Pole by sitting on it, then he brings back the capsule they tried to plant on the pole. When Felix is good, he’s very, very good, but…..


myrtle-solution-3-28-48.jpg Myrtle is from 3-22 to 3-28-1948 this time. My favorite daily is the 3-26. Myrtle tries to smooth over things for her Dad, who keeps forgetting his wife’s birthday: “Cheer up! (she tells her mom) He only forgets it once a year!” In the Sunday “Right Around Home” page, from 3-28, Dudley Fisher reveals a Lewis Carroll side and works a mathematical problem into the comic. If you can’t figure out the number of coins in $1.14, don’t despair, I’ve included the solution from The Lima News for you. This will sharpen your knowledge of algebra!

krazy-6-29-to-7-4-42.jpg In Krazy this time, 6-29 to 7-4-1942, Krazy is a hypnotist, then a flea carrier. She can hypnotize almost anyone, even herself, but her attempt on Mrs. Kwakk-Wakk has an unexpected result. I love Krazy’s expression in the third panel of the 7-3, as her flea passenger bites her. The flea resembles some of Garge’s drawings of Archy in his illustrations for Don Marquis’ “Archy and Mehitabel”.

yogi-10-4-64.jpgyogi-10-11-64.jpgyogi-10-18-64.jpgyogi-10-25-64.jpg In the Yogi Sunday pages for October, 1964, we find a Mr. Magoo type nearsighted joke, a rare Cindy bear appearance, and some very funny Ranger Smith poses as Yogi’s ego is deflated by a balloon, and is inflated by a mirror. Watch Yowp’s blog for his upcoming analysis of these fine Sunday pages by Harvey Eisenberg.  Sorry this post was so long in coming, it takes time to put all these comics together. A robot comment about “Mangy on the Fence” criticized the title of the piece as being unexciting. The robots keep trying to get me to up my readership by getting in to scandal sheet Kardashian type territory. Sorry robots, we mainly deal in gentle fantasy here, that’s a bit out of fashion in a world with wars that last more than a decade, with the climate falling apart all around us. But this blog should give my readers a vacation from all that negativity. I’ll see you again soon.

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  1. Great cat drawing, Mark! And another great selection of strips.

    I took a picture of one of my cats yesterday. It’s hard to take a good picture of her because she moves around a lot, but this one came out OK:

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks Charles,
    That’s a very sweet cat face indeed! What’s her name?

  3. The cat in that picture is named Kitty. We always call her “Hello Kitty” whenever she shows up.

    My other cats are named Max, Belle, and Biscuit.

  4. Craig says:

    Looks like she’s telling you something. Very pretty cat.

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