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Adios Barker Bill post

 Well Folks, here are the last three weeks of Barker Bill strips available to me, from 8-8-55 to 8-25-55. If you find more of them, please write to me, I still don’t know the actual end date of the strip. These are all gag-a-day circus strips. The gag in the 8-24 was used by Stan […]

Barker Bill-Take Two post

 Thanks to Yowp, who now has two blogs, which touch on animated cartoons and related topics, we have the first three weeks of the Barker Bill daily available to read. If you want to see the first week, from 9-27 to 10-2-54, head over to the new Tralfaz blog: There you will be able […]

Bob Kuwahara’s “Barker Bill” post

One of the “Holy Grails” of cartoon comic strips turned up in the Google News Archive! Direct from the Greensburg Daily Tribune we bring you some of the dailies that appeared in 1954-55, signed by Paul Terry, but drawn by Bob Kuwahara. Bob created “Marvelous Mike”, which has been reprinted almost complete here on this […]

More “Barkers” From Yowp post

 Thanks to Yowp, who downloaded these strips, here are the Barker Bill dailies from 10-18 to 10-30-1954. In the last blog post, during the 10-8-54 strip, Barker Bill  speculated about Dog Biscuit’s resemblance to a TV personality. That would have to be Dave Garroway, who was known for his big smile and dark, horn rimmed glasses. Dave was […]

Whelp, Been Ten Years! post

It’s been ten years to the day, when in March of 2007, I started this blog. My posts are infrequent, and the blog has been hacked, disabling the comments, but what the heck, it’s still here! The oil painting is by my wife, Cathy. She calls it “Cat Party”, a still life study of various […]

Your Wonderful Comics Post 3-2-2017 post

Felix from 3-26 to 4-1-1933 Myrtle from 12-27-1948 to 1-2-1949, Her engagement to Sampson is broken off! Krazy from 4-5 to 4-10-1943, love the artist joke in the 4-10, as Ignatz erases the brick with a BIG pencil! Barker Bill from 11-7-1954, The invisible Puddy observes love triangle between Barker Bill, Phyllis the Strong Woman […]

Your Comics Page 2-5-2017 post

Here’s Felix from 3-19 to 3-25-33 Here’s Myrtle from 12-20 to 12-26-48 Here’s Krazy from 3-29 to 4-3-43 Here’s the Sunday Barker Bill from 10-31-54 continuing the romance between Ali K. Zam and strong woman Phyllis Fezeek. I’ve decided to make my job a little easier around here and not write so many comments on […]

Itza Christmas post

Here’s a beautiful drawing by one of our most faithful supporters, and a donor to the cartoon short, “Some Other Cat”. It’s by Nicolas Martinez, of Chicago Ill. He draws Itza Cat just about perfectly, I love Itza with the candy cane in his mouth, looking like a striped cigar! Look at that beautiful texture […]

Christmas Presence post

 It’s hard to believe that the Catblog hasn’t had a new post since October! So I’m present, front and center for the Holidays. This is a Christmas card rough featuring Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat, the famous Internet video felines. What? You’ve never heard of them? Well get over to You Tube and do a […]

Stripz Again post

 Back to the strips, yet again! Here are the next two weeks worth of Barker Bills, 7-25 to 8-4-1955. According to Allan Holtz’s new book on American Comic Strips, there is no ending date for the feature except sometime in 1955. We still have a few more to post. Spot gags continue, featuring Phyllis the […]

Stripz post

 At long last, it’s back to the strips! Here’s Barker Bill from 7-11 to 7-21-1955, courtesy of the Greensburg Daily Tribune. It’s lucky that the strip was mostly gags by this time, as the Greensburg Trib. only used four strips a week! Some of the regulars like Perkins, Col. Whetwhistle and Phyllis the strong lady […]

Manon Puts Hal Ambro in Touch post

As a continuing tribute to my friend Manon Washburn, here is the text of a letter from Harold (Hal) Ambro, Animator at Disney, Format, Hanna-Barbera and m0re. Manon did all the legwork to approach Hal on the job and ask him to write a letter to my Mother about my potential career in animation. He really came […]

Wick, Moreno and Larry Martin-Jr. Times August 1926 post

 Here’s some more of Aunt Dolly’s boy cartoonists of August, 1926! That’s the great Harman-Ising animator Larry Martin’s cover to the 8-15-26 issue of the L.A. Junior Times, and a photo of the future animator, Manuel Moreno, from 8-1-26.  A photograph of the future Thimble Theatre cartoonist, Bela “Bill” Zaboly from 8-8-26 appears above. At […]

Yowp Asked For It post

 I’m posting again so soon, because it’s that time of the month. Yowp has posted a new batch of Yogi Bear Sunday pages on his website (link in the blogroll to the left). Therefore, I will contribute my versions at the bottom of this post. At the top, you will find more material from the L.A. […]

Moreno and Wick 6-1926 Jr. Times! post

 Here’s some strips from the L.A. Junior Times from June 6th to the 27th, 1926. I heard from Mario Manuel Prietto, Manuel Moreno’s grandson! In honor of that letter, I’m putting up a whole month’s worth of Manuel’s Jr. Times Comic Strip. Go back a few posts to : “Introducing the L.A. Jr. Times, 1922-23” […]

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